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Credit Repair Dashboard

Credit Repair Dashboard


 Run a FULL Credit Repair Company in Notion!

This Notion template includes an All-In-One Dashboard and Client Portal to manage and run a credit repair company. It offers a candidate pipeline, communication tracker, mail reminders, and more empowering you to stay at the top of your game.

What’s included?


Personal Dashboard

An overview of all of your tasks, follow ups, and progress

  •  Client Tracker and Pipeline

A board view has been created to provide an At a Glance update as to where your Clients are in their credit repair journey and if there are any outstanding tasks you need need to complete. Drag and drop each client into the correct stage, whether you have just completed the first dispute or the fourth!
There are also various table views that provide views of contact information. All information is derived from your "Client Tracker" which is preloaded but fully customizable by you!


  • Calendars

Stay ahead of disputes with the calendar on your dashboard. Visual reminder of when a clients score has been refreshed AND 35 days have been passed since the last dispute. Information is automatically pulled from each client's profile.


  • Resource Center

You will find recommended websites and tools for running a credit repair company in notion. It comes with 3 Sample disputes, 2 AI prompts, and a link to DocuPost,which allows you to send certified mail from your home! Feel free to add to your resource center

Client Profile and Dashboard

Collect key information from the client's credit report and generate a client "dashboard". Allow clients to keep a watchful eye on their utilization and plan around their payment dates with a custom calendar reminding them of statement close and due dates. Client portal also allows views of the following: Accounts In Good standing, Negative Items, Inquiries, Items in Dispute, and more!
Keep all Disputes in one area using the pages created for each credit bureau!

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