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Easy Savings Plan

Money matters in May and every month of the decade. The best time to ensure financial stability is today. A quick google search will not only detail the importance of a savings account, savings charts and directions are also easily found. Our favorite is the $5,000 in 52 Week Challenge, which is attached.

The best way to save is to open multiple accounts & have a percentage allocated to each through direct deposit. If your job doesn't allow your income to be divided between multiple accounts, scheduling automatic transfers that align with your payday is the next best thing. Saving a portion of your income is hard at first, but if no emergencies occur, its super easy to adjust to. With automated savings, your money is gone before you can miss it. And you can't miss what you never had.

52 week custom savings plan

Because I am paid bi-weekly, saving money every week does not agree with me. There is no telling what my bank account will look like on an off week. I have to be honest with myself. I know I won't make up for the off weeks, but I don't let this stop me.

I make my money work for me by combining small amounts and reducing the 52 Week Plan to 26 Weeks, aligning with my pay schedule. I begin by scheduling the large payments and noting this on the chart. Next, I combine the smaller amounts to create a bigger transfer. For example, combining Week 14, 15, and 1 is a transfer of $165. To keep myself from getting confused, I log into my bank and schedule the transfers as I note them on the chart.

Make your money work for you! The chart is just a guideline; feel free to adjust your weekly savings amount. It's completely okay to complete Week 40 before Week 4.

Push yourself further.

Another easy way to save is transferring all the money from your checking to savings the night before you are paid, no matter the amount, because, what were you going to do with it anyway?


We'd love to hear your feedback. What are your financial goals for the year? What ways can you make your money work for you?


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