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Get your FREE Analysis

in 3 Easy Steps!

Step 1 – Login to your Experian Account or Sign-up

If you have not signed up yet you can Sign-up for Experian here, once you are signed up or logged in, you will then proceed to Step 2 in order to Download All Three Credit Reports to a PDF.

Step 2 – Click on Reports & Scores then Credit Reports

In order to Download All Three Credit Reports to a PDF using your account you must click on Reports & Scores and in the drop down choose Credit Reports.


Step 3 – Click on Print Report on each Credit Bureau

Experian will automatically open first. You will then click on the blue button “Print Report” to proceed. Once your Experian report is saved/downloaded you will then do the same for Equifax and Transunion, if you have a paid account.


Step 4 – Click on Print Report again for each Bureau

Once the PDF has opened in your browser, now you are ready to save as a PDF. Click the Blue Button on the top-left of the page (do this for all three credit bureaus as mentioned in Step 2). If you can only access Experian, that is fine.


Final Step – Click on Destination Save as PDF

Now make sure to choose your Destination: “Save as PDF”, then Save. Make sure to save the PDF report to a location you remember so you can quickly access the PDF report (saving to your desktop is always recommended).


Now you have completely Downloaded All Three Credit Reports to PDF files using your account. Experian is the most widely used of all three credit bureaus.

Submit your Credit Reports for your Analysis!

Once you have Downloaded All Three Credit Reports to PDF files using your account you can now submit your report to us so we can get you an analysis.

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Thank you, Please give us 24-48 hours to give you a response email with the information you provided.

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