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About Dee Rich

I thought one day you just wake up and have it all figured out. The house, the car, the career, the 100k earning side hustle, and think, wowwwwwwwwww, I made it!

Everyone asks me what’s my secret, and it's living with intention. My success formula lies within the daily choices I make which (1) gradually develop habits or (2) cause the beautiful things I have around me to accumulate.

No matter what business skill I learned, or what tool I bought, I could not get my business out of the “side hustle” phase. I would go through serious dry spells and if I made money I couldn't keep it.

After 5 years, my business was just not where I THOUGHT it should be. My business was far from selling out in an hour, or even making $500 in an hour and maybe I was just tired. I was breaking my back working a 9-5 to fund my business, I hired contractor after contractor, ran ads, and hired marketing help, so why wasn't I making any money?! And getting taxed on top of that! As an entrepreneur the show must always go on, so I put on many hats because of my FEAR of FAULURE. I became the content creator, the accountant, the event planner, the everything because I wanted to ‘make it’. I started losing time with my family because of my business baby and my drive to be ‘where I thought I should be’. Birthdays, holidays, or even sacrificing Sunday dinners, I was going all in and getting nowhere fast. I would wonder, ‘Is this what being my own boss looked like? Is this the life of a CEO?’ I was overworked and underfunded, and I wondered if being my own boss was for me or if this was a lifestyle I could adapt to.


I got tired of crying about what I didn't have. First I sat back and thought about what my dream life would look like and how to make entrepreneurship work FOR ME. The best part about being your own boss is you get to make your own rules, right? I knew I wanted to travel and spend more time with those I cared about. I also wanted more sleep. I’m out of my 20s the all-nighters are no longer in me. What good was making a whole bunch of money if I never had time to spend it because I was up all night working?! I had to not only think about getting rich but the lifestyle I wanted to live to get there because what I was doing wasn't it!

Here’s my secret:

Every day I take one small step towards the life of my dreams. One step, decision, or purchase at a time... and it's not so scary anymore. Instead of thinking: I need to make 100k this year, have a home that is showroom ready, and learn a new skill became:

  • View Pinterest mood boards

  • Create a shopping list of Amazon dupes

  • Sell 5 planners this month by any means necessary

  • Spend 2 hours a day learning at 9 am

  • Spend time learning how to fix my own credit

I stopped fixating on all the stuff I didn't have and looked around me to see what I could do what what I had. I stopped wishing for a new life and started working for it. Instead of looking at my setbacks as failures, I begin to see them as feedback. Step by step, decision by decision, one small purchase at a time, things began to shift, and I began to accumulate a new life of luxury and beauty. The key was continuous improvement. it was not about the what, it was about the WHEN. With enough pressure I broke through, I just had to keep pushing. And I’m still pushing today! Every day is a new adventure. But I push through with a purpose and a plan, one step at a time.

Using my entrepreneurial experience, combined with my post-graduate studies and my +10 years of assisting executives, I relaunched The Diamond Enterprise as a one-stop shop for all of your business needs. The Diamond Enterprise focuses on personal and business development - with an emphasis on credit restoration. We work to maximize your personal and business credit profiles to put you in the best position possible for maximum funding. From there we offer various forms of business development, such as SaaS, business plans, websites, email marketing, google setup, meta setup, ebook creation, business formation, EIN, articles of incorporation, business phone number, and more!

I wanted to cultivate a life where I had time for my family, right now, not later. So what I didn’t have it ‘all figured out’? WHEN WOULD I? Knowing it SAAS saved my life! I don't spend days onboarding new clients and reaching out to leads My automations do all of the work. My time is cut in half. I work from wherever, whenever, based on the lifestyle I curated for myself and I want you to live life on your terms too. Your Rich Boss Life is one decision away. Are you ready to make it?

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